UPDATE (15 MAY 2018): Submissions for a special section of the journal Social Networks on "Recent Ethical Challenges in Social Network Analysis" are now closed. Read the full Call for Papers.


Interdisciplinary research on social networks is experiencing unprecedented growth, fuelled by the consolidation of the field of social network analysis and the increasing availability of data from digital networking platforms. However, it raises formidable ethical issues that often fall outside existing regulations and guidelines. New tools to collect, treat, store personal data expose both research participants and practitioners to specific risks. Issues surrounding political instrumentalization or economic takeover of scientific results transcend standard research concerns. Legal and social ramifications of studies on personal ties and human networks surface at an unprecedented pace.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers in the social sciences, economics, management, statistics, computer science, law and philosophy, as well as other stakeholders, to further advance the ethical reflection in the face of new research challenges.

The workshop took place on the 5th (full day) and 6th (morning) December 2017 in Paris, with open keynote sessions at the Hôtel de Lauzun, a 17th century palace in the heart of historic Île Saint-Louis.



Program of the Workshop

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