The following is a non-exhaustive list of themes:

  • Social network research and individual/fundamental rights
  • Ethics and codes of conduct of innovative fields of research in social network analysis
  • Culture and values in international and comparative social network research
  • Respect of participants in research on sensitive populations, problematic behaviors, covert networks
  • Anonymity, privacy, and security in social network analysis
  • Impact and risks of publishing network data
  • Psychological impact and other risks for research participants
  • Dialogue between public and private sector researchers
  • Complying with regulatory efforts in social network analysis
  • Dealing with risks and threats for the researcher
  • Personal and institutional responsibility in research

The aim of this workshop is to offer a space for researchers in social network analysis to discuss these issues on the basis of reflective accounts of their experiences, in consultation with other stakeholders in research ethics committees, regulatory bodies, and businesses.

We invite scholars and other professionals to submit papers that critically engage with ethics in research related to social networks, preferably on the basis of one or more case studies (which may be problems they encountered in their own research activity), taken as concrete illustrations of the general principles at stake, the attitudes and behaviours of stakeholders, or the legal and institutional constraints.

We are particularly interested in novel, original answers to some unprecedented ethical challenges, or the need to re-interpret norms in ambiguous situations.

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